I went to this restaurant with my friend while coming back from shopping. Located in Janak Puri, Brunchilli has the most appropriate location when it comes to gathering most of the crowd because students of nearby colleges and people of the residential areas are found in this restaurant.

The ambience of the place was quite good with all the posters and fancy interior, the restaurant had its own style.

So when I visited this place, I was not in a mood of ordering something that would turn out to be bad when I would expect it to be good. So I ordered some basics like Arrabiata Pasta, Honey Chilli Potato and an Oreo Shake.

Arrabiata Pasta


The taste of the sauce was way too tangy and not at all spicy (as I ordered) which distracted me from the actual taste of the pasta. When a pasta is served without any vegetables, it is already a mood spoiler for me because I love veggies in any form! In all, it had no taste as I expected it to be.

Honey Chilli Potato


No restaurant can go wrong with this item. And Brunchiili makes you fall in love with it once again. It was actually a long time when I had  good honey chilli potato and when I did, it was the most satisfying dish of the day! The sweetness of honey over perfectly cooked potatoes sprinkled with spring onions brought back my taste buds into conscious. A must try when you visit this place.

Oreo Shake


What meal is complete without a drink or a shake? Sweet, as it should be and topped with an oreo cookie, makes you relive the times when the chocolate was your saviour!

In all, the experience of trying this place was not bad at all and I will definitely come soon to try out the North Indian Dishes as well as their other dishes.

To try out this restaurant, Nearest Metro Station Janak Puri East.


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