There was a time when fries would only be served as sides with your burgers and sandwiches. Plain salty fries was the only option left that we would have to survive with. I know fries don’t ditch you when you’re hungry, but those frozen fries are not always the option.

It’s time that you stop being dependent upon your burgers and sandwiches to have your fries. Why? Because Potet has come to your rescue! An outlet exclusive for fries, lets you experience the worldly tastes mingled with our lovely fries.


Located in Hauz Khas, this small cute little place with decent seating will make you fall in love with this place as soon as you enter. So, Potet is a place that serves fries in all your meals and does not disappoint you.

Serving 13 types of varieties in fries, these varieties are influenced from different countries which are brought in-house to experience the rich flavours with a suitable dip.


My Order:

Crinkle Fries (Dip of your choice): – Crinkle fries are new in the town and they are amazing! These fries definitely won my heart not only for their look but the way they tasted. I tried these fries with all the 5 dips present the menu and they invited me to have more! (5/5)


Mexicano Fries: – Fresh Salsa, Mozzarella and Cheddar blend with the little sourness of the lemon. Damn the taste is still so fresh in my mind! Who would have thought salsa would go so perfectly on fries? The sweet and sour taste with freshly prepared deep fried fries, Potet made it possible. (3.5/5)



Kenyan Masala, served with fresh mint mayo : – Fries combined with Kenya’s famous tangy masala garnished with fresh coriander will make lick your fingers. Served with fresh mint mayo dip made the masala more refreshing and appealing. (4/5)


Vietnamese Khoai Tay Chien: – Surprising than ever. We know, anything that comes with Nutella makes it more lusty and amazing! And Nutella over fries was icing on the cake. Fries in desserts is like a mysterious treasure found. (3.5/5)




To sum up everything, this place is a complete jackpot for people who love fries and have the saying “Fries before Guys” or “Chips before Chicks” in their life.

Address- The Junction, CSC complex, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Nearest Metro Station – Greenpark.


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