Tony’s (North Campus)

Tony’s is among one of the best hanging out place in North Campus where students come to fulfill their eating desires irrespective to their pockets. However, at Tony’s all the items that you can grab are within anyone’s pocket and more surprisingly everything comes within INR 100, How cool is that!?


That’s not even half of the menu!

So, when I visited this place and being pure vegetarian (which means there’s no scope for items with egg) I was delightful  to see that this place had some pretty good stuff for the vegetarians and all within INR 100, what else do you want!?

Moving on, I had ordered two items which were Capsicum Cheese Toasts and Nutella Marshmallow Toast. I have many friends who are mad for capsicums (Red bell pepper, Yellow bell pepper and Green bell pepper) who will definitely love this one, with extra cheese on it and severed with some potato chips, this Capsicum Cheese Toast will not upset you at all . Price INR 35.


Coming now to my very favorite Nutella Marshmallow Toast, I was awestruck by its presentation and how high it was on chocolate. But I was disappointed by the fact that, as the name suggested there were only two marshmallows at two corners of the toast. The toast was filled with nutella inside and outside and garnished with chocolate syrup and sprinklers which fulfilled my sweet tooth desires. Price INR 40. To team up both the items I also ordered a Brownie Shake which was delicious and satisfied my tummy.


There are many items for non vegetarians too which might impress you as well within the same budget. In all, everything at Tony’s will satisfy your food cravings and make you visit this place often.

Nearest metro station University Station and GTB Nagar


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